Of Interest to Sellers October 28, 2022

Beyond Marketing Tactics

Today’s buyer’s are very sophisticated owing to the internet


Here in Florida, we have a fast-paced, continually evolving market that, frankly, begins on the internet.  Even if you live in a condominium complex that traditionally transferred ownership to known parties (previous seasonal visitors, friends, family, other owners), virtually everyone has already viewed similar properties on the internet. We have the most well-informed buyers the marketplace has ever seen.  That said, the swift environment is so complicated, buyers need navigation assistance themselves.  For the reputable, fair minded seller, this is a huge advantage.  The challenge is to break through all the noise, and capture the appropriate buyer at the right moment.  Once a favorable impression has been made, the more often that favorable image is repeated, the more likely a buyer will be moved to make a decision to get up and go see that home, your home.

At this stage, a full-service agent launches the intensely interactive and management focused aspect of any transaction.  Once marketing efforts have generated calls and appointments are coming in, daily priorities for your home include:  immediately responding to showing requests, evaluating likeliness of buyer/seller match, delivering clear, concise and detailed information to facilitate an offer, working with other parties to structure offer with best likelihood of success for all parties, maximizing return while minimizing process time and inconvenience.  Continually monitoring the marketplace, sharing feedback and micro-market dynamics with the seller,and open dialogue conversations are also crucial.A home “groomed” for showings and Open Houses stands out to agents representing buyers and to buyers themselves.  In a low-touch world, we often forget, for most people this is either the most significant, or at least, a considerably significant expense that carries a great deal of emotion to it.  Buyers are impressed to see the sellers care enough to prepare well, hire a reputable agent, present all pertinent facts and are prepared honor their contract commitments.

Finally, seller’s often have certain “before I can sell” challenges that present a stumbling block not immediately, or easily, overcome.  Let’s solve some of those, too.

  • Cosmetic improvements – things such as paint inside or maybe outside; replace a sink or countertop.
    • Let’s discuss a RealVitalize. This exclusive program allows sellers’ to make cosmetic repairs (limits and restrictions apply) on their home and pay out of closing proceeds.  In other words, no cash out of pocket.
  • We gotta go!
    • Need to sell within strict time frame? Let’s discuss another program I have which offers a cash price, good for an extended period of time, allowing you to still place home on market and sell at a higher price.  If not, then you proceed with cash offer and close within your timeframe.
  • How important is staging and do I need it?
    • We will make that determination together. If a property is empty and photos lack any punch, I have a variety of staging materials I provide to add depth, dimension and some pizazz to rooms.  Larger properties may be best served by a more designer approach to staging, services also offered (fee).
  • We’re not sure what we need to repair, if anything?
    • Excellent first topic. Let’s not spend money unnecessarily.  We will walk your property and evaluate the priorities, options and protections that are in your best interest.

I take selling your home as seriously as you do.  Don’t trust such a critical life event to an amateur.  Hire a professional with a “ton of love for this wild and wacky game of Real Estate.