Rebekah C.

The housing market has slowed, but it was just short of being a war zone at its peak. Right now, I am writing this in the living room of our wonderful new home in Bradenton, Florida, just a few miles from the pristine beaches of Anna Maria. We met Melissa in December. Serendipity has a way of making the difficult situations in life worth remembering. Our experience with Melissa was fortuitous, and as the Rolling Stones would say, "Gimme shelter before I fade away."

My fiance and I moved to Sarasota from Naples in February this year for a career advancement. We put our house on the market and watched in wonder as it sold in less than twenty-four hours. While searching for a new home and an apartment for the short term, we stumbled onto our new real estate guru.

I inquired about a home on Zillow and proceeded to be inundated by phone calls. I happened to answer Melissa's. Her last name, Loveton, an immediate ease and wisdom would set us on a path that would lead to a great neighborhood and a beautiful home that we would call "our first home" together.

Melissa's guidance, integrity, and sheer perseverance through the maelstrom of houses, offers, frazzled nerves, and greed were a guiding light. I've bought homes before and had never seen anything like the market we were in. When uncertainty would raise its ugly head, Melissa would talk us down and give us space to breathe. She came to be a grounding aspect of the daily conversations about houses. She spent hours speaking to me about our next move, planning weekends, after-work showings, and rearranging her personal time to see us into a home that we could both love and afford.

Her expertise kept us out of trouble, found us proper insurance, and maintained our focus and heart. I call her 'the Fonzy' of realtors because of her cool presence through everything. I don't feel she really is a realtor; she's more like an angel. I can't thank her enough. I'm eternally grateful for her guidance, insight, and support.

Sandi C.

Melissa is a knowledgable, kind, trustworthy, connected and hard working professional. She truly understands the market, trends in Sarasota, and was an advocate for us throughout the purchase of our Sarasota home. She was always two steps ahead and made the purchase seamless. I HIGHLY recommend Melissa - she will work for you to make your real estate dreams a reality!

Sue E.

I would highly recommend Melissa Loveton, Coldwell Banker. Because we were selling from overseas, it was important to us that we had a realtor we could trust. She supported us through every step of the sale process and her experience and expertise was invaluable. Outstanding service and professionalism!