Discover the Best Schools in Sarasota: Your Guide to Educational Excellence

Discover the Best Schools in Sarasota: Your Guide to Educational Excellence


Welcome! As a Sarasota real estate agent and an active member of our vibrant community, I've had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand the exceptional quality of education our Sarasota county schools offer. If you're considering a move to Florida and your priority is finding the best schools in Sarasota for your children, you're in luck. Sarasota is brimming with educational opportunities that cater to a diverse array of academic needs and preferences.

From top-notch public district options to innovative magnet programs and specialized charter schools, Sarasota's educational landscape is as rich and varied as the beautiful region itself. Allow me to be your guide through these bastions of learning and show you why this gorgeous slice of Florida is not just a haven for beaches and sunshine but a hub for academic distinction as well.

Ashton Elementary School | 10/10

When I first heard about Ashton Elementary School's outstanding reputation, I was intrigued. Located at 5110 Ashton Road, it's no wonder that this school is a gem among elementary schools in Sarasota County. With its stellar academic achievements, it's a place where education is taken seriously, and children thrive. The proof is in the numbers: an impressive math proficiency score of 89% and reading proficiency at 87%. It's clear to me why families move to the Ashton Road area, where the value of education shines brightly.

I can personally vouch for the appeal this school has in our community; it's palpable. The rank and review it has received, a perfect 10/10 from GreatSchools, only reinforces its high-standing. Here's a closer look at what makes Ashton Elementary School stand out in Sarasota:

As a real estate agent, I've witnessed time and time again how quality education is a top priority for my clients. Ashton Elementary School, without a doubt, influences the local housing market, attracting families who prioritize their children's educational environment. It's a school that parents discuss with admiration and respect.
Rating Math Proficiency Reading Proficiency Student Population
10/10 (GreatSchools) 89% 87% Approx. 1,030

The impact of Ashton Elementary School echoes through the local Sarasota community, not just academically but also socially and economically. Investing in a home near such a top-notch school is also an investment in your child’s future.

  • Proven academic excellence
  • Highly sought-after by education-focused families
  • Positive influence on local real estate values

Discovering places that foster such an incredible learning environment is always a joy. As I continue my journey exploring the schools in our region, it's clear that Ashton Elementary School is not just a leader in education but also a beacon that uplifts the entire Sarasota county community.

Lakeview Elementary School | 10/10

As I continue my exploration of exceptional educational institutions in Sarasota county, the standout academic performance of Lakeview Elementary School cannot go unnoticed. Ideally situated at 7299 Hand Road in Sarasota, Florida, this elementary school is a pillar of educational excellence within the community. Catering to a diverse student body from PK-5th grade, Lakeview Elementary not only prides itself on its impressive academic metrics but also the nurturing educational experience it provides.

Boasting math and reading proficiency scores of 73% and 74% respectively, Lakeview Elementary's academic prowess is well-documented and has rightly earned a 10/10 rating from GreatSchools. This signifies a trajectory of superior academic instruction that is above the average Florida elementary school.

"Lakeview Elementary School represents the best of Sarasota County's dedication to academic growth and foundational excellence."

Below is a detailed look at how Lakeview Elementary stands out in terms of enrollment and academic performance:

School Characteristics Lakeview Elementary School
Enrollment Approximately 685 students
Grades PK-5
Math Proficiency 73%
Reading Proficiency 74%
GreatSchools Rating 10/10

Families in Sarasota looking for a reputable elementary school often regard Lakeview Elementary as an exemplary option, emphasizing the significance of setting a robust educational foundation for their children. Witnessing the school's devotion to maintaining high academic standards, I understand why it's a top choice for residents in this picturesque Florida county.

Southside Elementary School | 9/10

As an experienced real estate agent in Sarasota county, I've seen firsthand how Southside Elementary School stands out not just as an institution but as a cornerstone of the community. Located in the heart of Sarasota, Florida, this school boasts a student body of 681 eager learners, all striving for excellence in their educational journey. The school's dedication to academic excellence is apparent in its impressive math and reading proficiency scores—79% and 81% respectively—placing Southside Elementary among the top 5% of elementary schools.

Additionally, Southside Elementary School has been awarded a distinguished 9/10 rating by GreatSchools, marking it as a beacon of superior education in the county. The impact of such a high-performing school on the surrounding neighborhoods is tangible, influencing both the community dynamics and property values. When families ask me about the quality of education in Sarasota, I proudly point to Southside Elementary as a prime example of what the Florida education system can offer our students.

Southside Elementary School is not only an educational institution but also a hub for nurturing community spirit and enhancing the local lifestyle in Sarasota.

Here's a comparative snapshot of Southside Elementary's achievements:

Academic Performance Indicator Score
Math Proficiency 79%
Reading Proficiency 81%
GreatSchools Rating 9/10
Ranking Among Elementary Top 5%

Choosing the right school is crucial, and Southside Elementary is a place where students can thrive, setting a solid foundation for the rest of their lives. It's a privilege to help families find homes within this school's catchment area, knowing their children will receive the best possible start in education amidst the sunshine state's vibrant community of Sarasota, Florida.

Venice Elementary School | 9/10

As a resident and real estate agent in Sarasota County, I have witnessed firsthand the distinctions that set Venice Elementary School apart from other schools. Venice Elementary is recognized for its stellar academic achievements and it's considered a cornerstone in Venice, FL. Through my interactions with local families, it's evident that this school's reputation for excellence is a significant factor for those considering a move into the neighborhood.

Under the guidance of a dedicated staff, the students at Venice Elementary School flourish. Not only does the school boast an impressive 80% math proficiency rate, but their reading proficiency is also commendable at 77%. These statistics are reassuring to parents who prioritize educational outcomes when choosing an elementary school for their children.

One parent’s review stated, "The academic environment at Venice Elementary School has exceeded our expectations. It's a nurturing place where my child has not only excelled academically but also grown personally and socially."

With a GreatSchools rating of 9/10, Venice Elementary School has cemented its place as a high-performing school in Sarasota county. This speaks to the robust academic programs and the quality education provided, which I constantly highlight in conversations with prospective homebuyers.

  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Focus on math and reading proficiency
  • Positive environment that fosters growth
  • Strong community and parent involvement

Choosing the right school is crucial for any family, and Venice Elementary School is a shining example of what Sarasota County's educational system can offer. As someone immersed in the community, I take pride in showcasing schools like Venice Elementary to potential new residents. Excellence in education is not just a catchphrase here; it's a commitment fulfilled by schools that nurture our children into future leaders and innovators.

Fruitville Elementary School | 6/10

As I continue to explore Sarasota's educational landscape, Fruitville Elementary School is notable out for its academic excellence. Located at 601 Honore Avenue, it serves Pre-K through 5th grade, fostering a nurturing learning environment. The school, with a GreatSchools Summary Rating of 6/10, excels in Test Scores and Student Progress (7/10 each), indicating above-average performance. Despite challenges in equity (3/10), its proficiency scores in English (59%), math (63%), and science (50%) are commendable, surpassing state averages. This reflects Fruitville Elementary's commitment to holistic student development and academic growth, making it a valued choice for Sarasota families.

Best Public Middle Schools in Sarasota

When parents and students alike are searching for a middle school that provides both a nurturing and challenging educational environment, Sarasota County stands out. I'm always excited to discuss the opportunities available at these exemplary institutions. Sarasota Middle School, particularly, is a place where innovation meets tradition to provide a well-rounded educational experience for students in the heart of Florida.

From my observations as a local resident and real estate professional, I've noticed that Sarasota Middle, situated on Ashton Road, is a community cornerstone. It serves a large student body with dedication to academic success as seen in their impressive proficiency results. But Sarasota County doesn't rest on its laurels. Other middle schools are equally noteworthy, each with its unique strengths and commendable achievements.

School Name Grades Math Proficiency Reading Proficiency Student Population
Sarasota Middle School 6-8 82% 78% 1,217
Laurel Nokomis School PK-8 Not Available Not Available Not Available
Brookside Middle School 6-8 Not Available Not Available Not Available
Sarasota School of Arts/Sciences 6-8 72% 74% Not Available

Some of these schools, like Laurel Nokomis School and Sarasota School of Arts/Sciences, cater to a wide range of grades, preparing students for a seamless transition into higher education. This highlights Sarasota's commitment to continuous student growth from an early age, a factor that greatly influences parents' decisions when settling in this beautiful region of Florida.

In fulfilling my role as a guide and advisor for families moving to Sarasota, I'm filled with pride to showcase these educational havens. Sarasota county is not just about scenic beaches and vibrant communities—it's a place where the potential of every middle school student is recognized and nurtured.

Laurel Nokomis School | 8/10

As I explore the landscape of Sarasota's educational institutions, it's worth highlighting the Laurel Nokomis School. Nestled at 1900 Laurel Rd E in Nokomis, FL, this school represents a beacon for those seeking top-tier education within Sarasota county. Serving a diverse body of students ranging from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, Laurel Nokomis School is not just another middle school; it establishes itself firmly within the top echelons of schools with impressive proficiency scores in both math and reading. The dedication to academic achievement has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the enviable 8/10 GreatSchools rating that the school proudly holds.

In Sarasota, the name 'Laurel Nokomis School' resonates with quality education. Its rank and performance cast a positive glow on the surrounding community, making it a coveted zone for families who prioritize educational excellence for their children. As a Sarasota real estate agent, I can personally attest that this school contributes significantly to the appeal and value of the neighborhoods it serves.

Grade Levels Math Proficiency Reading Proficiency GreatSchools Rating
PK-8 78% 73% 8/10

The table above clearly reflects the school's commitment to nurturing its students across a range of critical academic areas. Its rank and overall excellence in Sarasota underpin my recommendations to families who seek a community where education is held in the highest esteem.

Choosing the right school is integral to a child's future, and my role extends beyond providing real estate solutions; it's about guiding families to a place they can truly call home, with schools like Laurel Nokomis leading the way in enriching the lives of students in Sarasota county.

Sarasota Middle School | 8/10

As someone who has always placed a great emphasis on education, my visit to Sarasota Middle School was inspiring. Located in the heart of Sarasota County, this middle school is much more than just a transitional period between elementary and high school; it's a place where academic foundations are fortified, preparing students for the academic challenges ahead. With an admirable GreatSchools rank of 8/10, Sarasota Middle School's performance is a testament to its dedicated staff and engaged student body.

My tour of the school led me through hallways brimming with enthusiasm for learning. It's clear that the Sarasota Middle School team is doing something right, with their students achieving an 82% proficiency in math and 78% in reading. These numbers speak volumes about the academic excellence inculcated here, assuring parents that their children are getting some of the best education in Sarasota.

Academic Area Proficiency Score
Math 82%
Reading 78%

It's important to highlight just how these numbers impact the lives of students beyond the classroom. A strong academic program not only prepares students for high school but also instills a lifelong love of learning and critical thinking skills that are indispensable in today's world.

Every child deserves a champion—an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be.

Top Rated Public High Schools in Sarasota

When exploring high schools in Sarasota, the focus naturally gravitates towards their academic achievements and how well they prepare students for higher education. In Sarasota County, Florida, high schools like Suncoast Polytechnical High School, Venice Senior High School, and Riverview High School are setting benchmarks for academic excellence. As I delve into the details, it's clear that these institutions are committed to fostering an environment that propels students to the top of their potential in the academic sphere.

The reputation of a Sarasota school is not merely built on test scores or rankings. It is the holistic developmental opportunities they provide to students from grades 9-12. Beyond the classroom, these high schools in Sarasota contribute to a community's fabric, often becoming a source of pride for residents and a key factor for families when deciding where to live in Sarasota County.

School Name Math Proficiency Reading Proficiency Rank in Sarasota County
Suncoast Polytechnical High School 75-79% 81% Top 5%
Venice Senior High School 67% 61% Top 30%
Riverview High School Data Not Available Data Not Available Top 30%

A Sarasota county high school's rank is indicative of its dedication to academic rigor and the success of its educational programs. Florida has always emphasized the importance of education, and my investigation into these schools confirms that the state's commitment to quality education continues to be a top priority.

Suncoast Polytechnical High School | 9/10

My experience as a real estate agent in Sarasota has introduced me to various high schools, each with its strengths, but Suncoast Polytechnical High School stands out with its unique approach. Combining rigorous academic curriculums with technical training, this high school places a premium on education that prepares students for the realities of both college and the workforce. As someone who values education highly, I find their commitment to student success commendable.

Delving into the details, Suncoast Polytechnical High School boasts impressive academic achievements, reflective of the top-tier education they provide. As part of the high-achieving Sarasota county school district, the high school's performance is a point of pride within the community and a beacon for prospective families considering a move to the area. With an intimate setting of approximately 541 students, the school's atmosphere is conducive to personalized learning experiences, an aspect that I repeatedly hear praised by parents and students alike.

Academic Indicator Performance Rate Sarasota County Ranking
Math Proficiency 75-79% Top 5%
Reading Proficiency 81% Top 5%
GreatSchools Rating 9/10 Outstanding
“Suncoast Polytechnical High School is a gem in Sarasota's educational landscape, striking a balance between excellence in technical skills and strong academic foundations.” – Current Parent

As an agent, the high ranking of Suncoast Polytechnical High School not only enhances the value of local real estate but also symbolizes the community's commitment to a future-ready educational model. I am continually inspired by the school's passion for innovation and its unwavering dedication to equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the modern world.

Venice Senior High School | 7/10

As a resident of Sarasota and a passionate advocate for education, I can confidently say that Venice Senior High School is a cornerstone in the realm of academia within the Sarasota county schools. Notably located in the heart of Florida, this high school stands as a hub for nearly 2,452 students striving for academic prowess. The institution’s commitment to scholastic excellence is evident in its admirable rank, boasting a 67% proficiency in math and a 61% proficiency in reading.

The overarching goal of Venice Senior High School is to provide an inclusive environment where every student is given the opportunity to flourish. This nurturing academic setting is aptly reflected by its GreatSchools rating of 7/10, acknowledging the school's effectiveness in moulding future-ready youth with a well-rounded education.

The blend of rigorous coursework, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive community makes Venice Senior High School an excellent choice for families considering relocation to Sarasota. Below is a snapshot of the school’s key academic statistics:

Statistic Figure
Total Student Enrollment 2,452
Math Proficiency 67%
Reading Proficiency 61%
GreatSchools Rating 7/10

Alluding to the GreatSchools rating one more time, it is clear that Venice Senior High School has certainly set a high bar for educational standards not just in Sarasota but across Florida itself. Whether it's forging paths in academics or opening doors to collaborative learning experiences, this institution is undeniably a beacon of elevated learning.

Top Rated Private Schools In Sarasota

When it comes to finding the ideal academic setting for their children in Sarasota, discerning parents are often drawn to the exceptional offerings of private schools. As I embark on showcasing Sarasota's educational landscape, one must applaud the private institutions for their unique contributions to learning and student development. These schools are not just about a place to study; they represent a community where students engage with a tailored curriculum to foster both personal and educational growth. Here's a closer look at some of the top-rated private schools within our vibrant Floridian community.

  • The Community Day School, with its specialized focus on Jewish education and heritage, creates a rich cultural and academic experience that resonates with many families.
  • Ascension Lutheran School continues to be recognized for its steadfast commitment to incorporating faith-based learning with academic excellence.
  • For those desiring a Catholic education, Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School stands out with its rigorous academic programs and nurturing environment.
  • "The Classical Academy of Sarasota redefines educational success by integrating time-honored classical methods with modern innovation, catering to students from PK-12."
  • Lastly, Sarasota Christian School rounds off this impressive list with its dedication to providing a comprehensive, faith-based scholastic experience.

In my pursuit to obtain a complete perspective, I've prepared a comparative table below that encapsulates the diversity and academic strength these schools possess:

School Name Educational Focus Grades Served Unique Features
Community Day School Jewish Education PK-8 Community Engagement, Hebrew Proficiency
Ascension Lutheran School Lutheran Christian Education PK-8 STEM Education, Music & Arts
Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School Catholic Education 9-12 College Preparatory, Advanced Placement Courses
The Classical Academy of Sarasota Classical Education PK-12 Trivium-based Curriculum, Latin and Logic Studies
Sarasota Christian School Christian Education PK-12 Community Service, International Student Program

My personal encounters as a real estate agent in Sarasota have led me to appreciate the profound influence these private schools have on families. Whether it's the pursuit of academic ranking or the allure of a Florida school that aligns with personal values, Sarasota county schools, particularly the private ones, offer a distinct blend of quality education and diverse philosophies. This array of choices is what truly makes Sarasota a special place for learners to flourish.

Sarasota Suncoast Academy | 9/10 | Charter, K-8

As I delve deeper into the wonderful opportunities Sarasota offers for students, my spotlight turns to Sarasota Suncoast Academy, an admirable charter school that deserves a closer look. Located at the heart of our vibrant community at 8084 Hawkins Road, Sarasota Suncoast Academy has built a reputation for academic excellence that's worth exploring.

The Academy serves as a beacon for parents looking for quality school alternatives in Sarasota. With an ethos that combines nurturing with academic rigor, it's no surprise that they hold a ranking within the top 10% of schools. Is it the individual attention to the student or the innovative teaching methods that yield such high reading and math proficiency scores? It's worth a visit to see the distinctive approach this school adopts in cultivating young minds.

Through my lens as a real estate agent in Sarasota, I can't help but appreciate the magnetic draw that excellent educational institutions have on families. Sarasota Suncoast Academy, with its 9/10 GreatSchools rating, signifies more than just an academic institution; it's a pillar of the local community.

  • Math Proficiency: 73%
  • Reading Proficiency: 75%
  • Grades Served: Kindergarten through 8th Grade
  • Rating: 9/10

In my experience, families moving to Sarasota are eager to learn about schooling options, and Sarasota Suncoast Academy often comes up in our conversations. A visit there leaves me confident in assuring them of a school committed to strengthening Sarasota's image as a haven for educationally driven families.

Student Leadership Academy | 8/10 | Charter, 6-8

When I delve into the heart of Sarasota's educational environment, I find the Student Leadership Academy occupying a place of distinction that resonates with both parents and educators alike. Nestled at 200 Field Ave E in Venice, FL, this charter school goes beyond conventional teaching metrics by nurturing middle school students in grades 6 through 8 to embrace both leadership and academic excellence. With an impressive 80% math proficiency and a 66% in reading, my coverage of Student Leadership Academy shows a school that doesn't just conform to the norm—it exceeds it, ranking comfortably in the top 20% of schools.

Boasting a GreatSchools rating of 8/10, my insights as a real estate professional suggest that the Academy stands as a beacon for prospective families keen on a holistic educational approach. The school has built a framework that places equal importance on the development of character and leadership competencies—a feature that turns the heads of parents seeking more than academic results for their children. In my exploration, I've seen how this unique scholastic environment aligns with Sarasota's commitment to diversified academic experiences, offering students the valuable skills required for both personal and societal success.

The fabric of Student Leadership Academy is interwoven with Sarasota's robust charter school offerings, demonstrating a dedication to meeting the varying aspirations of its student body. Sarasota's education landscape firmly advocates for schools like the Academy, which beautifully cater to those looking for something more tailored and intimate in their middle school journey. It's clear that in the realm of education, Sarasota's charter schools are not just alternative options—they're integral to crafting a community that values varied avenues of scholastic achievement and leadership development.


What are the best schools in Sarasota?

Sarasota boasts a number of high-quality schools including Ashton Elementary School, Lakeview Elementary School, Southside Elementary School, and Venice Elementary School, all earning top ratings from GreatSchools. Middle schools such as Sarasota Middle and Laurel Nokomis stand out for their academic excellence, alongside high schools like Suncoast Polytechnical High and Venice Senior High, which are highly ranked within Sarasota County.

How do Sarasota County schools rank academically?

Many schools in Sarasota County rank very high academically. Pine View School, for instance, is among the top 1% of schools, while Ashton Elementary and Southside Elementary are within the top 1% and 5% respectively. High performing middle schools like Sarasota Middle and Suncoast Polytechnical High also showcase strong rankings in the top 5%, indicative of the county's overall commitment to educational excellence.

What kind of schools can I find in Sarasota?

Sarasota County offers a diverse range of educational institutions that include public district schools, magnet, charter, and specialized schools, as well as a variety of top-rated private and faith-based schools. Whether seeking a traditional academic environment or specialized programs such as technical or classical education, families will find a wide range of options to meet their needs.

Are there charter schools in Sarasota?

Yes, Sarasota is home to several highly regarded charter schools. Sarasota Suncoast Academy and Student Leadership Academy, for example, are both charter schools that have achieved impressive GreatSchools ratings, demonstrating their strong academic programs and unique educational approaches.

What resources are available to help me decide on the best school for my children in Sarasota?

Resources such as GreatSchools ratings, standardized test scores, and school reviews are available to help parents make informed decisions about the best schools in Sarasota. In addition, as a Sarasota real estate agent with extensive knowledge of the area, I can provide insights into the academic landscape and how it intersects with the local communities, amenities, and property values.

How does the quality of the schools in Sarasota affect the community and property values?

The quality of schools in Sarasota has a significant impact on the community and property values. Higher-ranked schools often attract families who prioritize education, which can lead to stronger community involvement and increased desirability of neighborhoods. This, in turn, often leads to higher property values in areas with top-rated schools.

Can you provide information about top-performing elementary schools in Sarasota County?

Certainly! Ashton Elementary and Southside Elementary are among the top performers, with high proficiency scores in math and reading and excellent GreatSchools ratings. Lakeview and Venice Elementary also stand out for their superior academic performance and strong reviews, providing stellar education at the primary level.

What kind of support do Sarasota County schools offer to students preparing for higher education?

Sarasota County schools offer a range of support to students preparing for higher education, including advanced placement (AP) courses, college preparatory programs, technical and specialized training opportunities, and comprehensive guidance counseling to assist with the college application process and career planning.

Are there any schools in Sarasota that specialize in arts or sciences?

Yes, Sarasota has schools with a specific focus on the arts or sciences. For example, the Sarasota School of Arts/Sciences offers an arts-infused curriculum, whereas Suncoast Polytechnical High provides a strong focus on technical and scientific disciplines, preparing students with skills for the modern workforce.

What is the student-teacher ratio like in Sarasota county schools?

Student-teacher ratios can vary among the schools in Sarasota County, but many of the top-rated schools are known for maintaining favorable ratios that allow for personalized attention and effective learning environments. Specific ratios can be found on school profiles and detailed performance reports.

Looking To Move and want a Specific Sarasota School? 

If you're on the brink of making a move and the future of your kids' education is not just a concern but a non-negotiable priority, then you're in the right place. This isn't just about moving houses; it's about upgrading your children's future!

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