6 Trending Neighborhoods in Sarasota for 2024! (Discover Why #5 & #6 are Hidden Gems!)

6 Trending Neighborhoods in Sarasota for 2024! (Discover Why #5 & #6 are Hidden Gems!)

Sarasota in 2024 is where it's at! This place is buzzing with all sorts of neighborhoods for every taste under the sun. Whether you're on the hunt for that high-end lifestyle, a spot where the kids can run wild and free, or a lively area where everything's just a stone's throw away, Sarasota's got your back.

1. Grand Park | Neal Communities

You know, Neal Communities really knocked it out of the park with this one. Tucked away in South-Mid East Sarasota, Grand Park is like hitting the jackpot with its brand-spanking-new homes right next to Palmer Ranch. And beaches? Urban life? You betcha, all within reach. It's the go-to spot as Sarasota spreads its wings.

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2. Artistry Sarasota | Kolter Homes

Picture this: you're smack dab between Lakewood Ranch and those postcard-perfect Sarasota beaches, living it up in a home that's nothing short of a masterpiece. Kolter Residential started the trend, and now Cardel's jumping in with even fresher options. High-end finishes, layouts that make sense – it's a dream for anyone looking to level up or snag a swanky second pad.

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3. Skye Ranch | Taylor Morrison

Taylor Morrison's got this diverse little world called Skye Ranch, and it's a hit with folks of all ages. Right off State Road 72 and a hop, skip, and a jump from Siesta Key Beach, it's like having your cake and eating it too. With spots like Casia and Esplanade, you're looking at active living with all the trimmings in spacious, modern digs.

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4. Talon Preserve on Palmer Ranch | DiVosta

Ever dream of luxury living that's snug with nature? D.R. Horton's Talon Preserve is your answer. Off State Road 681, it's a tranquil escape near Nokomis Beach and Oscar Shear State Park. It's the perfect hideaway for peace lovers and nature buffs.

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Sarasota's Hidden Gems

Now, for the juicy bits – some neighborhoods have been flying under the radar thanks to all the new shiny developments, but boy, do they still have a lot to offer. These spots are like finding a $100 bill in your coat pocket – a pleasant surprise that offers great value and a prime location.

5. Grandview at the Heights

North Sarasota's got a secret called Grandview, thanks to Taylor Morrison. It's all about affordable homes that don't skimp on the good stuff, with I-75, Sarasota International Airport, and downtown all within an easy reach. Talk about convenience!

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6. Palmero & Tiburon

These cozy neighborhoods by Taylor Morrison are the talk of the town for offering a tight-knit community vibe with a variety of home styles and amenities. Nestled off State Road 681, they're just a stone's throw from Nokomis Beach and all the local goodies.

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So, there you have it – a local local's guide to Sarasota's real estate scene in 2024. From luxury estates and affordable new builds to communities buzzing with life or nestled in nature, there's a slice of paradise here for everyone. Whether you're buying or investing, these neighborhoods are ripe with potential for a top-notch Sarasota lifestyle. Don't just take my word for it – come see for yourself why Sarasota's the place to be in 2024! If you are looking to move to Sarasota FL, I'd be happy to use my expertise and knowledge of the Sarasota market to help you find the perfect home. Click here to contact me, Melissa Loveton for more information on where to live in Sarasota, FL. 

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